The concept of love is not concrete. It’s more of a sensation than anything else. But describing it is as difficult. While it may be distressing to us, this problem may be overcome by creating pieces of jewelry out of it.

Of course, when you are ready to propose, you would want a ring that reflects the enormous love you and your spouse have. You want to physically and visually reproduce the miracle of love, just as lovely as it is in your hearts.

And how can an object made of metal with a gemstone embedded in it have this effect?

The only other reason why this occurs is because of all the emotion you put into it. However, the usage of them also occurs because, even if basic metal and tiny (or not so small) gemstones seem commonplace, they still possess meaning.

For instance, gold is known for its warmth and abundance. Although many famous gemstones symbolize a variety of relationships, the most common stone for engagement rings ended up being diamonds.

What’s the background information?

Our planet is around 4.5 billion years old, which means that diamonds may take anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent of the earth’s age to develop. They also happen to be the world’s hardest material. A very uncommon and valuable gem, it is a stone that is born from the deepest layers of the ground and grows slowly.

What better symbol of love is there than something that takes time to develop and is certain to endure forever?

That doesn’t mean love takes a long time to happen. That is not the issue.

Love requires time to grow and develop so that it can be powerful. It’s also important to note that love doesn’t repeat itself. No two relationships are identical. This is the special ability that diamonds have.

“A diamond is forever” is a phrase used to symbolize eternal love.

Do you know the phrase already?

British De Beers Corporation was clearly able to follow the connection and diamond allusions in my article. Founded in 1888, this famous company has made a name for itself by selling diamonds.

Although diamond rings were not the most common engagement ring gemstone in the days of yore, their popularity peaked in 1938. Unfortunately, it was when the Great Depression occurred, and the world lost some of its sparkles.

Prior to 1947, the use of the phrase “a diamond is forever” was nonexistent. However, in 1947, De Beers used this phrase in the advertising world to bolster diamond sales. Movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor were used in the ads.

A well-known brand name, coupled with the idea of immortality, was a huge success.

Marketing or symbolism: which is more important?

De Beers’ marketing efforts had a significant cultural effect, which led to a remarkable rise in the brand’s popularity—and that’s the truth.

However, the beauty and perfection of diamonds do represent a symbolic meaning that’s fitting for celebrating life and love. The latter fact alone makes them an ideal gemstone for an engagement ring.

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