Behind every glorious jewelry you wear, there lies the hard work of the jeweler. Without their creative work, we can not wear that jewelry and elevate our look. You have come across the term jeweler many times. But do you know why are jewelers called jewelers?

This article will let you know why are jewelers called jewelers along with some additional information.


A jeweler is a person or company who makes or sells jewelry. Don’t misunderstand that they only make or sell jewelry, they can also repair, clean, or adjust your jewelry.

So If your jewelry got damaged, seek the help of them. They will fix your jewelry and also they polish your jewelry that makes it look like a new one. Jeweler always doesn’t need to be a person who makes jewelry. Sometimes it refers to stores or companies that sell jewelry pieces.

History of Jewelry

If you want to know when a jeweler made his first jewelry in history, you need to know about a little history of jewelry because they are all interconnected.

Jewelry was first made thousands of years ago. It was first worn by Africans. At first, jewelry is made out of bones, leaves, etc., and later after civilization people used various metals like gold, silver to make jewelry.

Where does the term ‘jeweler’ came from?

The term jewel originated from the French word Joel. And later many terms like jewelry, jewelry came into existence.

The jeweler is also known as jeweler and jewel maker. The term jeweler is widely used in the US and Canada whereas jeweler is from British English.

Why are jewelers called jewelers?

It’s very simple. Jewelers are called jewelers because they are involved in the business of making jewelry. There isn’t any great flashback behind why jeweler is called like this.

What do jeweler do?

Jewelry making is one of the most creative jobs in the world. They perform various tasks like making jewelry designs, repairing or cleaning them. They also specialized in appraising jewelry to know whether it is real or fake and it’s worth.

If they make gold jewelry, they are called Goldsmith or Gold-worker. If it is silver, then they are called Silversmith or silver workers.

Some of the famous jewelers in the world are Cartier, Bulgari, Harry Winston, Chopard, Buccellati, etc.,

This is some information about jewelers. Hope this helps you. Thanks for reading.

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