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Time is changing, and with it, new ways to buy your jewelry. For a few years now, McGee Company Jewelry has offered the possibility of buying unique and exclusive jewelry online without leaving home. We want to be at your disposal so that you can enjoy the world of online jewelry without leaving home.

Buying jewelry online can be cold and distant, but nothing is further than this. At McGee Company Jewelry, You have countless jewels with all the necessary information, so there is no doubt about the jewel you are buying.

McGee Company Jewelry knows that serving you correctly and with transparency is essential for you to stay with us and live with enthusiasm.

Unique jewelry

When you hold a ring, bracelet, or earrings from McGee Company Jewelry, it is something extraordinary: it exudes style, femininity, elegance. The moment you wear it on your skin, it adapts in such a way that it becomes yours. 

Behind every jewel, there is a company formed by people with many years of experience in the world of jewelry, pampering all aspects of creating a gem: design, quality of materials, workshop.

Located in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, McGee Company Jewelry offers you the possibility of knowing a wide and exclusive assortment of jewelry items both for engagement and wedding day.

Extensive online jewelry catalog in North carolina

We are the best online jewelry store that has many years of professional experience. At McGee Company Jewelry, we also have the opportunity to collaborate with the best manufacturers currently in the jewelry market, and to be able to offer our clients a jewel with the highest quality and design, always with the best value for money.

We have specialized in everything related to bridal fashion jewelry during the last years, offering a wide assortment of gold alliances, weddings, engagement jewelry, etc. 

At McGee Company Jewelry, we are constantly attentive to new national and international trends, without neglecting the quality and elegance in all our pieces at any time.

Versatile Possibilities

We are the best online jewelry store working with the finest materials such as 18K Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Topazes, Pearls, Spinels, Amethysts, Citrines, etc. Gems that, in addition to being precious, carry with them a meaning.

Our specialists work with jewels that accompany you throughout your life.

McGee Company Jewelry is the best online jewelry store in Charlotte, NC, the United States, offering you delicate and unique jewelry with the most excellent service and personalized attention. 

Different types of semi-mounts and settings

Normally, when we see an engagement ring or diamond earrings, we cannot understand ​​how complex and laborious it is to make. Within this entire process, there is a decisive stage in creating a jewel with precious stones, which is the setting of the diamond, that is, its attachment to the setting of the ring.

At McGee Company Jewelry, our pieces are not made with any type of glue or external substance, but through the gold of the frame itself, creating, in this way, perfect hold and fully integrated into the jewelry design.

The setting is a difficult task that can only be performed by an experienced setter and professional. There are many types of settings that are applied by virtue of the design and aesthetics that we want to obtain from the piece of jewelry

The final result of the jewel in terms of its beauty will always be determined in an essential part by the type of setting that is carried out on the jewel.

Prompt Delivery 

New technologies have given us the possibility of offering our articles to a more significant number of clients through our virtual showcase and giving us the opportunity of acquiring them, regardless of where they are in the world since we have a distribution network that allows us to deliver in a really short time to anywhere in the world.

Our online store is frequently updated with new articles, so we recommend that you visit it regularly to keep up to date with all the news that appears in our jewelry market.

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