Diamond earrings are classic and popular. When it comes to diamonds, our mind suddenly pops with the picture of white, colorless diamonds. But do you know there are many colored diamonds you can try? How long will you stick with these colorless diamonds? Wearing colored diamond earrings is more popular now and the most common one is yellow diamond earrings.

Read more to know about Yellow diamond earrings.

Yellow diamonds are known for their rich and warm hue. The reason behind this warm color is Nitrogen. It is trapped inside the Diamond while it is formed under high pressure and temperatures.

These Yellow diamonds are the commonly found colored diamonds. It is rare and it makes 60% of the colored diamonds. However, they cost less than other colored diamonds.

These diamonds are mostly found in Australia, central Africa, and Brazil.

Yellow Diamond earrings are popular among the color diamond earrings. It often symbolizes purity, worm, and joy. There are different kinds of yellow diamonds including Yellow Diamond studs, hoop earrings, drop earrings. These three are the most popular and basic types of earrings.

Yellow diamond stud

Yellow Diamond studs are classic and it gives you a brilliant powerful look. We usually buy Diamonds by 4C’s. But while choosing the Diamond stud, clarity and color are not that much important. Because small inclusions and external flaws will not be visible in the earring. so you don’t have to worry about the clarity of your diamond earring.

For color grade, you can choose the one based on your skin tone and hair color. but never compromise on the cut of your Diamond stud. Because it is what decides the appearance and sparkle of your Diamond stud.

Diamond cuts for studs

The most common Yellow Diamond stud is round brilliant and princess cut. These cuts will provide equal proportions to your stud. Do you know which is the most common Diamond cut for stud? It’s Marquise and pear-shaped cut. Simply for this reason many people avoid these cuts.


Not only does the Diamond shape matters but also settings and backs are the main factors to consider while choosing.

If you are in doubt, go for Prong and basket settings. Because these are classic with minimal style.

Yellow diamond hoop earrings

Hoops are always an evergreen type of earrings. It looks great with a Yellow Diamond. You can buy big or small hoops based on your preference. Yellow Diamond hoop earrings are popular and versatile. You can pair them with casual, business outfits or even with wedding gowns.

You can use metals like gold and Platinum for hoop earrings.

Yellow diamond drop earrings

Drop earrings are versatile and you can pair them with any outfits you want. The most common style comes with a center stone which is surrounded by a white halo. This halo adds more sparkle to the center stone and makes the earring more beautiful.

Price range

It costs around $150 to $500 for Yellow Diamond studs. For hoops, it usually depends on the carat, setting, and finally designs that you choose.

But drop earring’s costs are not easy to estimate. Because it depends on the design you choose. Even though Yellow Diamonds sometimes seem like colorless ones, they cost more than traditional colorless diamonds. so overall the price is based on the value of the diamond and design you choose.

Nowadays, yellow diamond earrings are becoming more popular. It’s worth buying. Are you ready to style with colored diamonds? Go and purchase our yellow diamond earrings and have fun.

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