So you’ve finally decided to pop the big question and are looking into engagement rings. With so many design options, here are a few novel additions that you can include to really impress her. Many men prefer to have the ring custom made, rather than selecting one that is ready to wear, and with so many design options, here are a few novel additions that you can include to really impress her.

The Band Stones Are All the Same Color

This may be a great eye-opener, and with pink diamonds and the same color in platinum or gold, you can make a magnificent diamond engagement ring that she will like. Rose-colored gold with matching stones will be really unique, and once you’ve located an excellent bespoke jeweler, the rest is simple.

Women’s Geometric Shape Ring

Ladies would be unable to resist the gorgeous assortment of geometric forms available at Ringleaders diamond engagement rings in Brisbane. You will also get access to a large catalog. They can assist you in designing a one-of-a-kind geometrical diamond engagement ring, and with their skill, there isn’t much they can’t accomplish when it comes to ring design. The custom jeweler can take your thoughts and put them into a design that she will remember for the rest of her life, and you may create a pleasant contrast by utilizing colored diamonds.

Women’s Black Diamond Ring

Why not have a ring created out of black diamonds for the lady who wants something really unique? There are expert jewelers who can collaborate with you to design the perfect ring, and given her taste in jewelry, she should be overjoyed when you pop the question. Black diamonds are difficult to obtain, but by utilizing an internet search engine, you should be able to identify a local bespoke jeweler that carries these rare stones.

Diamond Engagement Ring V-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

A V-shaped diamond ring is a terrific opportunity to break away from convention, and with platinum and several little stones, this will be a band that people will speak about. The actual V shape may be made in a variety of ways, and by combining various colored diamonds, you can make the ring even more one-of-a-kind.

Ring Design Inspired by Nature

You must be acquainted with your beloved’s style, and if she like nature, you could build a butterfly feature with many little diamonds inserted, or there are many other nature-based patterns that may be employed. The use of a natural motif will appeal to the eco-conscious lady who wants to help conserve endangered animal species.

When it comes to alternative diamond engagement rings, there are no boundaries to what may be accomplished. If you’re looking for design ideas, Google will offer you hundreds of unique diamond ring photographs. When you locate one that you think would work, have the custom jeweler have a look at it. If you have a lady who wants to stand out, there is no better way to show her individuality than by designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

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